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a dark broadcast

Peter Lemmens
a dark broadcast, 2017
cardboard boxes (3x), CD-player, CD, internet radio broadcast (Mixlr), smartphone, cables, stamp, customized tape
dimensions variable, 60 minutes

Retail price : 2,200.00 (VAT excl.)

"A work consisting of 3 cardboard storage boxes, a CD-player, a pristine CD with a silent track, a smartphone with an internet radio service (Mixlr), cables, customized adhesive tape. As the CD gets scratched over time in the storage box the clicks and glitches create a soundtrack of its storage. As a final format for the broadcast trilogy 99,6 FM, 2Mbps and 0dB, this work offers everything needed to create a streaming broadcast for this CD. Originally intended as a pirate broadcast, it is offered to a next generation and put it on hiatus until someone takes over. Emphasizing downtime as integral part of the work, it works counter-intuitively, becoming a work when it is actually not on display.