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placeholder (undecided edit)

Peter Lemmens
placeholder (undecided edit), 2012
⌀ 17 x 215 cm

"A placeholder is made, but the decision to replace it is postponed indefinitely. It simply keeps referring to something else, without ever specifying what this could or should be. A placeholder is something that refers to a temporarily forgotten, irrelevant, or unknown object and is used as a provisional substitute. It serves as a tool to advance the discussion. What normally belongs to the preparation for a show is now slowed down to become visible to the audience. With the use of placeholders a suitable installation is proposed, but decisions are postponed. The real image is temporarily suspended. After some time the show is reassessed and the placeholders are gradually substituted for the 'real' works.These 'real' works only exist in correlation with their placeholder counterparts and vice versa. It is the work that imparts the placeholder and the placeholder that articulates the work. The actual artwork resides somewhere in between: between shows, between objects, between meanings, between images. It subscribes to at least two possibilities and is irreducible to neither.