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vapor wave pool

Peter Lemmens
vapor wave pool, 2023
sound piece


"14.1.2023 Hypertext Hotel Closing from 4pm to 8pm with VaporWavePool Sound Session between 6pm and 7pm. During the sound session, Peter Lemmens will create a live soundtrack for the exhibition, oscillating somewhere between vaporwave tunes, hotel muzak, and a film score. Hypertext Hotel is a network of rooms and passages, a collective endeavour, a co-authored text, an appropriated myth, a place of secrets and transgressions, a narrative structure, a mood, a premise for an exhibition. The project borrows its title from a virtual space for collaborative writing set up by Robert Coover in 1991 for his workshop at Brown University, and it takes the then-emerging genre of ‘hypertext fiction’ – one of the earliest examples of electronic literature – as a starting point to think of an exhibition as a collective work of interactive fiction, where different scenarios and readings are not only permissible but inevitable.