Peter Lemmens

hard disk sculpture (Beppe Loda edit)


raw data, hard disk

155 x 160 x 4,7 cm, (24 x) 11,7 x 19 x 4,7 cm


Header Image

Twenty-four black, designer hard disks are mounted on the wall as a sculpture / painting. Spread over these disks is raw and unprocessed information: everything I have ever used for creating works. They are copies of my personal working archive. It is a way of seeding the information. The pattern reads “Beppe Loda” in binary code. Not as a portrait, but as a point of reference. He is an Italian DJ from the seventies known for his Cosmic Disco sets and slowed down mixing style.Over time form and content will drift apart, as the hard disks become more and more obsolete and out-dated. The information will search for newer media and here only a shell will remain: a used but useless design object.