Peter Lemmens

hard disk sculpture (Teo Macero re-edit)


raw data, hard disk

100 x 166 x 4,7 cm, (37 x) 11,7 x 19 x 4,7 cm


Header Image

Thirty-seven gold designer hard disks are mounted on the wall as a sculpture / painting. Spread over these disks is raw and unprocessed information: everything I have ever used for creating works. They are copies of my personal working archive. It is a way of seeding the information. This edition is the negative, inversed version of 'Hard Disk Sculpture (Teo Macero Edit)'. It also reads “Teo Macero” in binary code, but here a hard disk stands for a zero instead of a one. . Teo Macero was a music producer for Miles Davis. Together they used copy/paste editing to rearrange recordings for albums such as "Bitches Brew" and "In a Silent Way". These albums are considered the invention of fusion jazz.Over time form and content will drift apart, as the hard disks become more and more obsolete and out-dated. The information will search for newer media and here only a shell will remain: a useless design object.